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It's All About Mac's ...


Sure we have to know about PC's...We have to integrate into PC environments all of the time...

Our speciality and core business, however, is Macintosh.

cybology was established to offer professional Macintosh consulting at a personal level. Helping Macintosh users get the most out of their systems.

Servicing Greater Chiagoland, our clients range from the home designer, home schools, and small design firms to Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies.


We offer a full Line of services:



Desktop Support:



• Troubleshooting and Repair of OS and software.
• Installation of Hardware/Software
• Basic OS/Software Training
• Hard Drive Problems/Recovery
• OS/Software Upgrading
• New Equipment purchasing advice



Server Support:



• Installation of xServe and xRAID
• Mac OS X Server Upgrades
• Data Recovery
• Server Administration
• Basic Server Training
• New Purchase Consulting
• Remote Support (VPN Required)






• Wired Ethernet Installations
• Wireless Network SetUp/Support
• Adding Macs to Existing Networks
• Network Planning/Consulting
• Network Troubleshooting
• Network Upgrades
• New Construction Networking



Internet Service Related:



• DSL/Cable Configuration
• Wireless Installation/ReConfiguration
• Domain Name SetUp (credit card required)
• Basic Internet Training
• Parental Guard Software Setup
• Internet sharing



Data Services:


  • Data Recovery
• Data Archiving
• Backup Setup and Monitoring.
• Data Migration




Here at cybology we believes in affordable pricing.

Rates are set on a per job basis. Please feel free to call and we will be happy to give you an estimate.



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• cybology Mac Books



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